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     Founded and operated by husband and wife team, Chris & Kara McCullough, Harbor Diving Services, LLC combines their skills and experiences into a highly professional organization that is focused on serving their client's needs with the core values of: Honesty, Integrity, and Quality.

     After growing up with a love of the ocean and boating, Chris acquired the bulk of his knowledge of ship husbandry and diving experience while serving in the US Navy during the 1990's. Upon leaving the Navy with an Honorable Discharge and ten years of active service, he continued to work in the private sector while also finishing college to earn a BS in Project Management and a MS in Aeronautical Science and worked as a project manager in the oil and gas industry before returning to federal service and also starting Harbor Diving Services. Kara is a CPA and holds a BS in Accounting. Both view Harbor Diving Services as their opportunity to be close to the water and serve the boating community.

"The way I see it, Harbor Diving (Services) is more than just the average diving company that gets called up to clean hulls. Our goal is to be the best out there, to provide the highest quality of service, and provide more value to our clients than the next guy or the next company. I want our logo to be recognized from a distance. I want our clients to call us because they know that when they do, they're calling a friend and a partner who cares nearly as much for their boat as they do." ~ Chris McCullough