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Currently all available service agreement slots are full.
Please contact us to get on the waiting list for your area!
Thank you!

Hull Cleaning - Without Service Agreement

Sailboats                       $2.75 Per Foot*                     *Length on Deck

Powerboats                   $3.50 Per Foot*

Hull Cleaning - With Service Agreement

                                  4 Month Plan (3x a year)

Sailboats                       $2.50 Per Foot*

Powerboats                   $3.00 Per Foot*

                                  3 Month Plan (4x a year)

Sailboats                       $2.00 Per Foot*

Powerboats                   $2.50 Per Foot*

**Excessive fouling subject to additional fees
**Service agreements more frequent than 4x a year will default to the 4x a year rate.

All boat maintenance jobs include: Full inspection before and after cleaning, digital photographs or video, and a full post-dive report containing findings and/or recommendations to maintain for your records.  

Anode Replacement

$10.00      Per anode + cost of anodes at time of hull cleaning

$50.00      Replacement only + cost of anodes, up to three anodes.

                 $10.00 per each additional anode.

Propeller Services - Removal or Installation

Fixed Propeller              $10.00 per diameter inch

Folding Propeller           $15.00 per diameter inch

Feathering Propeller      $20.00 per diameter inch (multiplier based on number of blades)

                                        Removal/Install/Lube/Pitch Adjustment

**Separate charge for removal and installation.

Underwater Repair

We offer application of underwater epoxy patch and repairs for light surface damage. Please contact for details as each situation is unique.

Hull Inspection/Object Retrieval

Mobilization Fee             $100.00  Includes: mobilize, setup, and tear down on site

Man Hour Rate               $60.00    Begins when diver enters the water. Stops when

                                                       underwater work is complete.

**One hour minimum charge.

Services not listed above will be estimated based upon the standard man hour rate.

Proudly serving the following marinas/areas: New Orleans - Bucktown Marina, Municipal Harbor, Orleans Marina, Seabrook Marina, and South Shore Harbor Marina; Mandeville - Prieto Marina (PYC Sea Wall); Slidell - Oak Harbor Marina, Lakefront Marina, and Eden Isles.

We are fully insured and able to provide proof for confirmation as needed!

Fresh zincs are a vital element to keeping your boat in top shape! Contact us for more information or schedule your appointment today!