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*** Prices Subject to Change Without Notice ***

Hull Cleaning

Sailboats                       $2.75 Per Foot*                     *Length on Deck

Powerboats                   $3.50 Per Foot*

All boat maintenance jobs include: Full inspection before and after cleaning, digital photographs or video (visibility permitting), and a full post-dive report containing findings and/or recommendations to maintain for your records.  

Anode Replacement

$10.00      Per anode + cost of anodes at time of hull cleaning

$50.00      Replacement only + cost of anodes, up to three anodes.

                 $10.00 per each additional anode.

Propeller Services - Removal or Installation

Fixed Propeller              $10.00 per diameter inch

Folding Propeller           $15.00 per diameter inch

Feathering Propeller      $20.00 per diameter inch (multiplier based on number of blades)

                                        Removal/Install/Lube/Pitch Adjustment

**Separate charge for removal and installation.

Hull Inspection/Object Retrieval

Mobilization Fee             $100.00  Includes: mobilize, setup, and tear down on site

Man Hour Rate               $60.00    Begins when diver enters the water. Stops when

                                                       underwater work is complete.

**One hour minimum charge.

Proudly serving the following marinas/areas: New Orleans - Bucktown Marina, Municipal Harbor, Orleans Marina, and South Shore Harbor. 

We are fully insured and able to provide proof for confirmation as needed!

Fresh zincs are a vital element to keeping your boat in top shape! Contact us for more information or schedule your appointment today!